You Don’t Have to Write Every Day BUT You Need Discipline for Freelance Writing Success

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Back in April I wrote You Don’t Have to Write Every Day But…

I believe and more or less live everything I wrote there. I suspect the real reason the notion that writing every day is a must is because that approach is truly a simple discipline. I mean if you’re writing every day it becomes more or less automatic. It’s clear when you’ve written and when you haven’t. Those days you write, are successful days if for no other reason than you kept your agreement with yourself.

The discipline of writing regularly is required for success in freelance writing. What that discipline looks like is up to you. My best idea to achieve this isn’t complicated: find a time of day that writing works for you, decide how often you’re going to do it and keep experimenting until you find something that works pretty well.

Why pretty well? Because the only people I know who manage to always meet the schedule they set are likely to be rigid and, frankly, have a wife of any sex that takes care of life’s details.

The advantages of a writing discipline

There two major advantages to establishing a writing routine or discipline.

First, you don’t have to hang out waiting for your muse to strike. Muses are fickle creatures, but it seems to me they do respond to my habits. And even when they don’t, I write anyway. Note I’m not saying how well or how much I write each time I sit down to the keyboard — that’s a whole other subject or two. But after years of practice my mind/muse expects to write on a regular basis and does so almost every time I ask it too.

(If your curious, I also wrote a short piece called My Discipline? What My Writing Day Really Looks Like!)

Secondly, when you have a writing discipline writing actually happens. This may seem obvious, but it’s also how I happen to now have over 2,000 blog posts at:

It’s also how I’ve managed to write multiple whole books for myself and others.

There you have it.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman —

Writer, life and writing coach, book ghostwriter, Grandmother, Buddhist. Liberal who listens to the other side, political

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