Why My Coaching Clients Love Me

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I stumbled into coaching. First it dawned on my that my 30 plus years of successful freelance writing was why many of my blog readers asked me questions about how to become successful writers. Like typical readers, I bought a book on coaching and opened my practice.

My theory of coaching

Along the way I got what I had more or less believed all along, and that’s that people really the experts on their own lives was really true. I found that if I listened as deeply as I could, and worked to not mentally impose my beliefs about what my clients should do, they would come to a good conclusion for themselves.

Sure I had to ask questions, good, open ended questions that would allow them to explore their own thinking and desires from a different angle. The only times they didn’t get a positive result was when I started ‘sharing’ with them what I thought they should do, be and have, not helping them see what they wanted.

Have you thought about life coaching?

Several years after I started coaching writers, when I was in a business networking group, an experienced life coach asked, “Anne, have you ever thought about life coaching?

“Every time I coach a writer,” I responded, surprised by the truth of my statement, “it ends up in part life coaching.”

He offered to mentor me into the Life Coaching business showing me best coaching practices and marketing.

My theory of coaching held

I was delighted to discover my notion that people are truly experts on their own lives held as I expanded my coaching practice. In fact, because life coaching deals with all sorts of topics in a way coaching writers doesn’t quite, it became even more obvious — people know what they’re doing, or can.

So what good is coaching anyway?

I think coaching works when it does because people benefit from an agenda-less sounding board. Oh sure, I have an agenda, but it’s pretty harmless and non-directive — I want my clients to be happy and successful, however they, not me, define that.

As a deep listener, I can reflect back to the client who they are accurately; they then begin to see themselves in ways they hadn’t yet thought of. That opens up new possibilities.

And one of the truths I truly enjoy is how often I’m changed right along with them.

Love, blessings, and abundance,

Anne Wayman — Life Coaching on Purpose

Writer, life and writing coach, book ghostwriter, Grandmother, Buddhist. Liberal who listens to the other side, political activist-www.DemocracyCounts.org

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