Where to Find Freelance Writing Jobs on the Internet

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Deciding where to look and find freelance writing jobs usually feels like a challenge. That’s actually because it is a challenge. But oh my has it changed over time.

This blog, according to ICANN WHOIS, the folks who keep track of domain names etc., I started this blog on June 24th, 2004! According to WordPress stats, this post will make the 1,994th post! Good grief!

I started posting jobs for writers pretty early and clearly remember I often couldn’t find more than four jobs for writers to list! I stopped posting when it became obvious it was getting easier and easier to find gigs on the ‘net. That 15 or so years has made a huge difference.

Here’s an example of the sort of thing that appears today if you look for it:

Last week I got an email from Alexander Timofeev with a link to Freelance Writing Jobs: 300+ Websites That Pay. I haven’t checked out each and every one but there are many I recognize and I looked at enough others to be convinced this is a valuable website for those who want to know where to look for freelance writing jobs. Talk about a gold mine of where to find freelance writing jobs!

Get creative about where and how to find freelance writing jobs

I wondered what else I could find. Try this search phrase: freelance writing job boards 2019 in Google and I’ll bet you’re surprised. Or ghostwriting jobs 2019.

I’ve taken to adding the year to search terms because I really don’t want results from who knows how long ago on most of my searches.

I even tried publishers of romance novels for seniors 2019 because I’ve got such a thing cooking in my brain. I checked out blue water cruising magazines 2019 because I’ve done considerable off shore sailing and would like to do more. Plus back in the day I wrote for several boating magazine and there’s no reason I couldn’t do so again.

Do you see how this works? Dream up a topic and look for a writing job board, or publication or publisher that deals with your subject and you’re on the trail of a writing job.

Don’t stop there!

I could, for example, take the cruising or sailing idea in a different direction. How about companies that make sails. Surely one or two of the more than 7–1/2 million websites listed under that search phrase could use a good writer. I have but to ask.

You get the idea.

The world needs freelance writers

It doesn't matter what you’re interested in, someone needs you to write about your experience or document their processes, or get together a PowerPoint presentation or develop a white paper or… You could do worse than make a list of your top five interests and do some searching on each one.

Or you could do as my fellow writer Paula Hendrickson suggests and that’s make a list of the topics you’d like to learn about and find a writing gig that will pay you to explore the topic thoroughly. You can make it happen.

Sometimes all you’ll need to do is apply — this is what happens with most job boards. Sure there’s competition, but so what? Apply offering to solve their problem and you’re like to get hired, not every time, but often enough to make it worthwhile.

There will be less competition for the possibilities you locate apart from job boards. Send a cold email or make a cold call to a company, Do five of these a day for four weeks and I’ll bet you get at least one paying gig.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman — www.AnneWayman.com

Originally published at https://www.aboutfreelancewriting.com on November 29, 2018.

Writer, life and writing coach, book ghostwriter, Grandmother, Buddhist. Liberal who listens to the other side, political activist-www.DemocracyCounts.org

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