The Penultimate Writing Prompt

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Over time I’ve become a fan and participant in the so-called Law of Attraction. I do so for a simple enough reason — It’s helped me see myself in a more positive light, helped me get into gratitude more often and form the habit of looking for the happier thoughts.

One of my favorite teachers of the practice is actually a couple known as Victoria and Mr. Twenty Twenty. I watch them regularly on YouTube and occasionally take their courses or buy their books. I’m currently coming up on the end of a course called Manifesting Mastery. It’s been a blast and I’ve saved all the lessons so I can repeat it — it’s that valuable to me.

Yesterday Twenty suggested we connect any two objects and tell ourselves a brief story. I don’t even remember why he wanted us to do this exercise. I was sitting on my sofa listening to him explain and suddenly found myself connecting all sorts of normally unconnected things. My mental list looked sort of like this:

  • The coffee table and the cat tree — a story about Dudley the cat learning to jump from one to the other.
  • The coffee table and the floor — a story about gravity and anti gravity
  • My coffee cup and the view outside my window — a woman looking out the window, coffee cup in hand tears streaming down her face.
  • The coffee cup and the rocking chair — a man holding a baby while rocking sets down his coffee.

This morning I decided to try the exercise from my desk

  • My (ubiquitous) coffee cup and the interesting rocks in a heart shaped bowl loaned to me by a friend — the story of that relationship.
  • The router and the world — how the internet connects me in ways that weren’t possible on the day I was born.
  • This article and my unmade bed — how I tend to do my writing almost first thing in the morning knowing I’ll make my bed later, and if I don’t it doesn’t really matter.

How about that, 7 stories to tell should I choose two in less than 15 minutes. Okay, I did start thinking about this yesterday. Never-the-less what a delightful writing prompt, probably the very best I’ve run into ever.

If you follow me you know I believe the world swims in ideas that are suitable for writing about. This ‘connect two things and tell a story’ method simply makes it easier to generate a multitude of ideas.

Thanks Victoria and Twenty — now I’ll go back to see what the lesson was really all about.

Write well and often,

Writer, life and writing coach, book ghostwriter, Grandmother, Buddhist. Liberal who listens to the other side, political

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