In the Midst of Covid-19 Why Does Anyone Still Believe Anything Trump Says?

why does anyone believe trump?
why does anyone believe trump?
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kay, most people who know me recognize I qualify as a liberal, even a screaming liberal. When the current President, yes, Trump, was elected I worked hard not to hate or be afraid because neither emotion is good for me. In truth I never came to understand why he was elected but I was able to turn my mind away from him and begin working in the election integrity movement.

Then Covid-19 hit.

Then Covid-19 hit. I say that as if the pandemic was a surprise. It both was and wasn’t. I’m old enough to have read enough over time to realize a pandemic was likely, just as hurricanes, earthquakes and brush fires are. We came close with SARS which at one time we thought might turn into a pandemic but it didn’t.

I actually was in bed with bronchitis when the recommendations that we stay home started. As I started to feel better I also started watching more news. A friend of mine suggested I follow the British Nurse, John Campbell, who had already started his daily video about the development of what many were convinced would become a pandemic.

I couldn’t help but compare Campbell’s calm voice and rational presentation of the numbers surrounding Covid-19 with the 45th president’s strident denials, attempts to label it the ‘Chinese Virus,’ and to assure us it would simply ‘disappear.’

His inanities continued and continue. Although people truly knowledgeable about pandemics and how disease spreads were urging testing and following every case, the president both assured us that wasn’t necessary and, at the same time, that everyone who needed a test would be tested. Here on April 8, 2020 we still don’t have enough tests to test even all the medical personnel.

I get word of a Trump supporter’s view

The night of April 5th, three days ago, word came to me from someone I know reports accurately that a Trump supporter kept insisting that he, Trump, didn’t know about the virus, that one one knew in advance; nor about the shortages that anyone could have made that mistake, etc. etc. etc. In other words this person’s belief in Trump was so strong it didn’t matter what credible others were saying about what I think of as his outright malfeasance.

I simply don’t get it

I have absolutely no understanding how still believing what Trump says about anything is even possible. For example,

Where is the disconnect? How is it possible to listen even to Fox news — Trump Lies About Cutting White House Pandemic Team to Dodge (Checks Notes) Fox News and still trust the president about anything?

Logic tight compartments?

Umpteen years ago I spent two years at what was then Colorado State College in Greeley, Colorado. In some psych class I learned the term, Logic Tight Compartments. The term is self-evident and I’ve experienced a few people in my life who operate from those. My first mother-in-law for example was stuck with this sort of reasoning. Fortunately not everyone is. I also suspect, but don’t know for sure, that it comes from fear of the unknown or as a response to protect cherished beliefs that others argue are false. That would seem to answer at least one of the whys I have for why people trust in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

Now, who has a solution? Can logic tight compartments be broken open? I sure don’t, and the election is what, barely 7 months away.

What’s your thinking on this?

Anne Wayman, writer, blogger, and now political writer,

Writer, life and writing coach, book ghostwriter, Grandmother, Buddhist. Liberal who listens to the other side, political

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