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Recently I talked briefly with someone who said they wanted to hire me. We chatted a bit and he quickly asked what I would charge for the blog post he wanted. He was outraged at my quote, saying ‘I can get a blog post for half that — you’re way above the standard price!’ When I refused to lower my price he again went off on me about ‘standard blogging fees.’ We soon parted ways.

Do you know what the definition of a fair price actually is? It’s the price a willing buyer and a willing seller agree on. (I…

Yeah, it’s true. I long ago decided I could solve the problem or riddle of writer’s block by simply not believing in it. As I recall I’d worked it out this way: If I refused to pay attention to or worry about writer’s block it wouldn’t happen. By and large that’s worked out well for me. It’s also a fine example of how I can turn denial into a useful skill.

I’ve been writing professionally for longer than I care to admit, and sometime well into my first decade I realized I could trust what I wrote, I could usually…

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Over the past several years I’ve had a lot of problems with anger. I’ve lashed out at loved ones, screamed at roommates and potential lovers and discovered I tended to go through life as a grump.

My hunch is a large part of the current anger surfaced because I was taught so thoroughly to be a ‘nice girl.’ Along with that came the idea that nice girls aren’t ever angry, so I had a lot of suppression going on that exploded when I finally felt safe enough to let anger show.

Meditation has been a big part of my healing…

A coffee cup held displaying ‘the adventure begins’ in a mountain lake scene — perfect for a writer that is beginning again.
A coffee cup held displaying ‘the adventure begins’ in a mountain lake scene — perfect for a writer that is beginning again.
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For years I mostly wrote daily. Sometimes the writing was for clients who paid me. I ghostwrote books, primarily in the business and self-help fields. I wrote books and pamphlets anonymously in the 12 Step field, and still earn small royalties for some of that work. I was hired to develop and run a newspaper for seniors and a magazine for the new thought movement. When blogging arrived I got paid to write in that sphere long before I really understood what blogging was. I developed some blogs of my own that provided income and a writing outlet that often…

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a writer or other creative, or a student in school or some other sort of class, or just wandering around in your own head, it’s the taking of notes that’s important if you want to remember what’s going on. There’s probably some sort of science about this, but even though I have decent research skills, I’m writing only from my own experience at the moment.

There’s something about writing notes down with pencil or pen on paper that helps me retain the information even if I never glance at those notes again. I find over…

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For years I’ve been making a list of 108 things I’m grateful for on Thanksgiving morning and publishing it somewhere. The idea came from Rev. Guy Williams suggesting in a class that we count out 100 gratitudes daily as a practice I grabbed what turned out to be a Buddhist rosary to help me count and they have 108 beads. This will be the first time I’ve done this on Medium.

The trick is to remember that small things count as well as big things.

I’m always tempted to edit my list, even more so this year, but my personal…

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I’m one of those people who believes we have a great deal of control over how we feel. This is an attitude I’ve gradually adopted over years, even decades. Back in my 30s and even early 40s I thought ideas about being grateful were sappy. The idea of a gratitude journal or writing 3 things I’m grateful for daily often made me feel at least slightly nauseous.

In the late 1980s I was exposed to the idea that we could control our future through something called the Law of Attraction. As I recall I was mostly concerned with abundance and…

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Richard said I wasn’t taking responsibility for my actions. I was truly puzzled because I’ve made taking personal responsibility practice for years. Although I have my moments where I consciously refuse to take any responsibility for anything for 10 minutes, generally I own up to my foibles and mistakes pretty quickly — maybe even more quickly than I should sometimes.

I trust this guy even though we haven’t known each other that long really. So I spent some time thinking about what he said. At the Zen center where we both live, we have a shared responsibility for picking up…

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How long as it been since you raised your rates?

That long?


Have you been trying to increase your income by working more? Since it’s been roughly forever since you raised your rates, I’m going to suggest you do just that, raising your rates, maybe by a lot. It’s one way to improve your income without working harder, just smarter. It’s not always easy, but it can be very effective.

The first time I raised my rates

The first time a mentor of mine insisted I try raising my rates she suggested I charge $100 or more an hour! Now this was back in the day and…

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You know the drill. You call say your bank, or your cable or phone company. First comes the apology that the pandemic is the current excuse for poor customer service. Next we hear “All our agents are busy assisting other customers.” Then the Big Lie, “Your call is very important to us.”

I call total BS on this oft repeated phrase.

Sure you want my business, but not enough to arrange to call me back as some companies have finally figured out. Not enough to avoid putting me on hold with gawdawful music.

Do the people who order these kinds…

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